People are more accustomed to asking and waiting for ready solutions than seeking their own responses themselves.

In the radical ideology market, the most popular are the ones that mollify the masses, offering them a melodic lullaby of convenient truths. Fixed world salvation recipes, in which the “good” triumphs over the “evil”… Usually, in most ideologies, everyone is waiting for the magic moment when the people will join the rebels, will advance upon the royal palace of power and will put an end to the dynasty of injustice, building the earthly paradise of social justice…

Life, however, is not a seamless narration. Things often happen as a result of many possibilities meeting together. The fable of the hard done by people that revolt, that hit back at the wealthy ones and redress justice and equality evermore, may encourage some but it won’t be a threat for power.

We seek to deepen our mind, free it from the convenient truths, test it in more factious paths, daring to look inside ourselves, in order to bury next to the open graves of our despots – who we’re going to murder – the authoritarian remnants of our own self, as well…

We want to make ourselves clear…

We have no suggestion to make to the consumers seeking hope. We have no answers to questions which are looking for guarantees. We neither know the future, nor can we describe it in an appealing way advertisers do to sell their products.

We know, for sure, that we want to blow up the modern way of life, smashing it. There’s no need to know what’s happening tomorrow, to destroy a today that makes you bleed.

An unwholesome today which is financially strangling us and makes us kneel before the bank, the multinational companies, the masters and the wealth empire blackmails.

A present when the western civilized world turns whole countries into mass graves (Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria etc).

A system that crushes us on a daily basis, controls our thoughts and our desires through screens, turns us into addicted users of the massive digital technology, teaches us how to be happy slaves, tames us so as to admire our masters and want to be like them, trains us to hate what’s different, lets us consider ourselves free because we can vote and consume, destroys nature, convincing us this is the civilization progress and we, like cheerful Sisyphus are still carrying our slavery stone and think this is life.

We’re living in an era we hate and we know that life is a battle sequence and not an accounting equation searching accountants in order to provide the solution.

We are not professional politicians to promise the social cure. Freedom has no prescription; it is conquered day by day, while you’re experiencing it. That’s when you find paths that you might haven’t thought till today.

We know that for many, all these sound irresponsible and subtractive poetic transcendence, that do not get any response in real life. Let’s remember, though, that today was born by the monsters of logic and the science labs. So, let everyone consider where the rigmarole is, in cold logic or the dreamy excess…

Anyway, we must accept something… Black anarchy will never be mass-friendly. We chose measuring our lives in feelings and colors, not in years. The path is difficult for everyone who has learned to live the cynical way of the realistic compromises. We already thousands of unanswered questions on how we see tomorrow… It is a fact that we don’t know how a free tomorrow is going to be. This is why it is going to be free. Because it is going to be full of possibilities, questions and doubts. Besides, anyone looking for safe answers, soon will they seek for the security of expertise and power’s ministry. We keep the answers…

Of course, we’re not interested in getting lost inside transcendental musings and burn out in existential quests, without daring to do the impossible.

This is why we need to organize a plan. The anarchist urban guerrilla warfare is able to transfer anarchy from the dusty book pages and the abstract theory, to action, to the creation of subversive events. This is our own bras de fer with history.

Today, power’s empire is shocked by its financial stalemates, its inside rivalries, the war zones in the Arab territory…We don’t want to lead the system’s instability to a salvation program, as the left promise. The social nostrums are dead. We want, instead, to butt into the contradictions of the social archipelagos and turn into a chaotic variable. A factor of system destabilization, with unpredictable aspects. We want, through our action, armed attacks, executions, bombs, fires, sabotages to spread the disorder and short the system. Gun fires, explosion fragments, Molotov bombs which brighten the sky target, not only to blow the enemy, but also perturb the quiet sleep of the society certainties. There is today a silent agreement that the world does not change, that everything is in vain… The organizing of the black anarchy block seeks to break this agreement. The destabilization we can achieve through guerrilla attacks and the total anarchist action, creates security holes to the system. In these holes, negations against this world can be born. The while the system needs to set its switches back on, after an attack, produces moments of unstuck time, when one can think free from blinkers and see that what has not happened is what we haven’t longed for enough.

On the basis of organization, we suggest the formation of small, versatile cells of direct action, which map the metropolis, make plans, choose the targets and attack.

The communication of the attacks through proclamations, works as a call for action for everyone interested and, at the same time, as an invitation for the other cells to join a wider coordination of attacks. FAI (Informal Anarchist Federation) is based on this model of organization, exactly. Neither leaders, nor central committees, neither eternal waiting for masses’ alarm, nor anticipation of favorable circumstances. We take life in our own hands.

We know that some will wonder “what are you going to earn with these all?”, “how are you going to convince the masses revolt?”…

The best answer was given about a century ago, by Renzo Novatore…

You are waiting for the revolution! Very well!

My own began a long time ago!

When you are ready — God, what an endless wait! — it won’t nauseate me to go along the road a while with you!

But when you stop, I will continue on my mad and triumphant march toward the great and sublime conquest of Nothing!

Conspiracy of Cells of Fire – FAI/IRF

Note: “Chaotic Variable” is the final section of the longer piece IN COLD BLOOD: concerning gatherings, the referendum and complicit democracy by the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire.